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Mailing Address:                                            

Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground                                   

P. O. Box 85

Le Raysville, PA 18829-0085



Telephone:  570-746-3742





     The Campground is located at State Route 1012 (SR 1012) and Lake Road (T-639) in Stevens Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  State Route 1012 is now also known as Leisure Lakes Road.

     It is 1.7 miles from State Highway 706 on SR 1012.  There is an Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground sign at the intersection of State Highway 706 and SR 1012 pointing up the hill to the campground.

     If you are traveling east on State Highway 467 from Le Raysville there is an Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground sign at McCauley Hill Road directing you to turn right to get to the campground (up the hill).  At McCauley hill road and SR 1012 (top of the hill) there is an Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground sign directing you to turn left to get to the campground. 

     Driving time to the Campground from Scranton, Pennsylvania is about 1-1/2 hours.  Driving time from Philadelphia is about 3-3/4 hours. 



     The Campground is over 200 acres in size and has two lakes.  One lake covers about 21 acres and the other lake covers about 8 acres.  Some full-hook-up sites (water, sewer and electricity) are available for all year camping. There are a few seasonal sites with water and electricity only.  Both shaded and open sites are available. A pavilion is available for rental for group gatherings or group camping.   Although most sites are rented by the season, there are generally sites available for people working in the area or vacationing in the area. 

     There are bath houses with hot showers.   A dumping station is available for use by renters of sites without sewer connections; and dumping is available for non-renters at a nominal fee. 

     The camping season is from April 15th to October 15th. 

    Two of the activities at the Campground include fishing and boating.  No license is necessary to fish in the two lakes, and fishing in the two lakes is available all year with no limitations on the number of fish that can be caught or possessed.  There are about 1.9 miles of roadway in the Campground for walking, and there are also some trails through the woods.  It is possible to hike to the top of the hill overlooking the Campground. 



The Rental Units

     A Chalet is available for rental by the week, a ranch house is available for rental by the day or by the week, two cottages are available for rental by the day or by the week, and a mobile home is available for rental by the day or by the week.  These rentals are all available throughout the camping season and through the hunting season after the close of the regular camping season until about December 15th. 

     The Chalet is available for rental through December 31st, the Ranch House is available for rental all year long, and the Old Office Mobile Home can be made available all year.  Monthly rentals of these units can be made available when there are not conflicting reservations.     

    Click Here for descriptions of the rental units. 




     The two lakes are permitted by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for All Year fishing (Class A Regulated Fishing Lakes).  No fishing license is required for fishing in the Campground Lakes, and there are no limits on the amount of fish that can be taken or possessed.  Fishing is included with all rentals; there is a nominal fee for for fishing without rental of a site or a rental unit.  Ice fishing during the winter months is very popular at the Campground. 



Telephone Service

     There is a pay phone on the grounds located at the maintenance building which is on the right hand side of the main road in to the Campground.  It is lit at night for convenience of use. 

     Telephone service is available in the campground direct from Frontier for renters of seasonal sites.  It is now also possible at the Campground to get DSL phone service from Frontier. 

     There is cellular phone service in the Campground. Service varies according to the carrier, but the major carriers all have adequate if not perfect service. 



Classified Ads

     These ads are for Recreational Vehicles and camping related items.  Anyone renting a seasonal site in the campground may place an ad on this page free of charge.  To place an ad give it to the Campground Manager, one of the Owners, or send it by mail or E-mail. We will then post it on the web site. 

 Click Here to go to the Classified Ads Page.


Campground Rules

        Click Here for the Campground Rules.


Campground Rates

     Campground Rates are being increased for the 2011 Season.  The new rates are posted on this web site.  Rates for the rental units (Houses and Cottages) are not being increased at this time.  Some incidental fees for visitors, boat launch, fishing, etc. have also been increased.

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Available Campsites

     There are presently several empty sites in the Campground available for seasonal rental. 

     It is possible to purchase a trailer or mobile home in the campground directly from the owner of the unit.  With the approval of the Campground Owners it can then become your site with the unit remaining on it.  Owners of units in the Campground that are for sale generally place for sale signs on them with contact information. We generally have knowledge of most units in the Campground that are for sale and can provide information about those that we know of. 

     Occasionally there are trailers or mobile homes for sale in the Campground that belong to the Campground itself.  Contact us for information and availability. 


Click Here for Available Seasonal Campsites.



Web Site Bulletin Board

     The Bulletin Board contains information about recent changes at the campground and about items of interest to campers.  Information is also posted about local businesses and organizations in the area as well as about events in the local area.  There is also a physical bulletin board by the Payphone at the maintenance building.  The two bulletin boards may not contain identical information.

     The Physical Bulletin Board by the Payphone at the maintenance building contains items that are legally required to be posted in a prominent place at the Campground as well as other items of interest. 

  Click Here for the Campground Bulletin Board. 



Campground Map

     The Campground Map shows the various sections of the campground and the locations of the rental units. 

 Click Here for the Campground Map.



Local Businesses and Churches

     Information is available about local businesses and churches.  Restaurants, Fast Foods, Recreation, General Stores and Specialty Shops are covered.  Click Here.



Pictures of the Campground

     Although there are pictures throughout the pages of this web site, there is also a picture gallery of photographs taken at the campground.  This page will take a while to load with a dial-up internet connection, but it will give a better feel of the campground than can be given by a written description.  It will probably also provide answers to some questions that may not be otherwise found on this web site.  

Click Here for the Picture Gallery.



Off Season Camping

       In addition to the all year full hook-up sites, use of the campground off season is available to renters of seasonal sites for nominal additional charges.  During the part of the off season months that the water system is shut down to the seasonal sites, water is available at the ranch house and outside the old office mobile home.  The manager will be at the campground throughout the off season.  The bath houses are closed during the off season, and roads to the seasonal sites are generally not plowed.  .

     Off season rates include use of electricity for normal camping purposes.  Use of electricity for heating is an additional $4.00 per day.       


The Chalet

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